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10 Ways you Never Thought You’d Find Inspiration

Need a bit of inspiration?


Don’t let your inspiration run dry. Try these tips and tricks to feel inspired again.

  1. Watch how free-spirited children play and make a point to carry their spirit with you all day.
  2. Go where there is no path, and leave a trail.
  3. Apply for your dream job instead of assuming you can’t get it.
  4. Ask someone to tell you about what they love the most in life, and watch how they light up sharing their passion.
  5. Take a small notebook or a sketchpad with on your next holiday and jot down your thoughts, wherever you are.
  6. Try a hair-raising adventurous activity.
  7. Sing in the shower at the top of your voice.
  8. Write down a bucket list of everything you want to achieve in life and everything you have already accomplished.
  9. Ask your parents to tell you what you were like as a child, and remember what mattered most to you then.
  10. Go somewhere you have never been before and would never have gone to.

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