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MDC Buzz: Resort Upgrades & Refurbishments

Find out what your favourite resorts are getting up to! Get the latest news here, straight from the resorts…

Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs has been busy creating the best possible experience for their guests. Latest happenings include new couches in all of the units. The Games Room is getting a new theme to keep the younger guests happily entertained, and you’ll be very excited to know that Crystal Springs is sporting new Hiking Trail Maps and some changes to the hiking trails. This is only to name few and many other exciting additions and changes are on the horizon for Crystal Spring Mountain Lodge, ensuring the four star experience that guests have been enjoying all these years.

Crystal Springs

There’s never a dull moment at Crystal Springs, and if you haven’t visited the Lodge in winter this should be at the top of your ‘Bucket List’. With misty forests, beautiful scenery, a crackling fire keeping your unit cosy and food to write home about, you will truly have an amazing winter escape. Read more about this on the Travelling Starling blog and be sure to sign up to receive blog updates straight in your inbox.


Garden Route Chalets are progressively fixing up, adding to and changing all the units – they try only to make changes when the Resort is quieter, as not to interrupt your well-deserved R & R time.

Unit upgrades

At unit 330, brand new pathways have been established in the garden, the parking bay netting has been replaced with shade cloth, and new air-conditioners have been installed in the lounge and main bedroom. GRC Island Unit 318 has a new soakaway, which is more efficient and has a lower impact on the environment.

In addition, the exterior of unit 358 has had a fair bit of work done – new shade netting has been put up in the parking bays, as well as at the patio area; and the fence in front of the unit was painted. The garden has been redone and the braai area has been retiled and painted. The lounge area, bedrooms and the unit’s ceiling has been repainted. All doors and windows were sanded down and varnished – looking brand new. They’ve also grouted the shower and finally, installed beautiful new curtains to complete the fresh and newly renovated interior. All of which means, GRC Island Unit 358 is in tip-top shape.

Rounding up the final developments at the GRC Island units, is the work done at GRC Island Units 314, 358 and 370. These units have all been repainted – looking fresh and great.

As the guests drive towards Kagga Kamma and notice the familiar sight of the changing colours of the sand (from red to brown, to white), the fynbos dotting the plains and the rough rock “stacks” that have become synonymous with Kagga Kamma … and they finally arrive at the Entrance; they may be pleasantly surprised. There is a brand new, secure Entrance Gate, signage and a beautiful rock garden. The perfect welcome back to your home-away-from home!

From here you head-off to Reception to be welcomed “home” at check-in and then it’s time for you to make your way to your chalet, which means the start of yet another magnificent stay.

New Additions

Don’t miss out on the something delicious and affordable – Kagga Kamma is sporting a fabulous new Side Dish Menu! Doppies Pub has also transformed into the ultimate ‘watering hole’ for adult guests. Kagga Kamma is always hard at work to ensure memorable guest experiences, and timeshare guests will be pleasantly surprised at the latest refurbishments and upgrades.

Kagga Kamma is known for it’s rugged natural beauty and remote location. Ever heard of ‘isolation travel’? Click here to read about the Kagga Kamma ‘isolation’ experience on their blog.

We understand that a trip to Kridzil isn’t just another holiday.

It’s so much more than that. It is the opportunity to spend that quality time with loved ones you’ve been meaning to. It’s your chance to kick up your feet and have fun; and relax and escape the everyday stresses and busyness. It’s a very special time for you and your family.

Kridzil is really placing guests at the heart of what they do and have gone the extra mile to ensure a fun-filled family holiday. Guests are spoiled with free discount coupons to enjoy discount at nearby attractions, restaurants and more. Check in is also a highlight of any Kridzil visit, as guests have the chance to win spot prizes.

Read more about Kridzil’s pursuit of excellence, how they’ve managed to sport beautiful gardens in the midst of a water crisis, unit upgrades and more, on the Kridzil blog.

Click here to visit the Kridzil blog…

At Little Eden it is top priority to see you smiling and feeling appreciated. So whether Little Eden shares a delicious family “potjie” with you during their cherished Meet-and-Greets, spoils you on your birthday or surprises you on your anniversary – they aim to please.

A Zebra Foal Joined the Family

We are happy to announce that the Little Eden family has grown. During the month of February they were blessed with the birth of a zebra foal. This little addition to the four-legged troop has already been well-received by delighted guests. Who knows, the next time you visit, you might well see the zebra crossing.

Some More “A-maize-ing” News

With the 775 millimetres of rain (plus) they’ve received in this year, they were able to allot some land for a maize plantation. This is set to benefit guests and staff. The first successful harvest took place in April.

Dedicated R&R Time

Little Eden’s Spa has been successfully expanded and is now even more popular than ever. The bigger Spa sports a separate treatment room, reception area and bathroom.  The Therapists have also successfully completed training on the TheravineTM and TheranakaTM products. If you haven’t already – don’t forget to pop by for a pamper, puff and spoil – you deserve some dedicated R&R time!

We understand the excitement that builds as you arrive at your special place – the place where you create the best memories with your loved ones, the place where you bask in nature and celebrate the matchless surrounds that Mabalingwe is famous for, the place where your heart lies.

When Mabalingwe is not busy wow-ing guests and making sure the resort is always in tip-top condition, they’re prospecting new wow-factors. Mabalingwe is sporting a new hiking trial, a family-favourite ecotainment kids programme and a few other treasures. Click here visit the Mabalingwe blog and read all about Mabalingwe’s exciting happenings. Prepare to be ‘wowed’!

Manzi Monate, Ngwenya Lodge, Sandy Place, Sudwala Lodge and Uvongo River Resort have also been shaping things up!

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