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Important Security Information

Dear Members

As a valued member of our Club, we want to keep you updated regarding safety measures when it comes to protecting your MDC portfolio.

Below are some security points we would like to share as a precaution to ensure your MDC product is safe and secured for your family’s use:

  1. Never give anybody access to your MDC membership account.
    Where possible, always transact on your account personally
  2. Never give anybody your username and password to access your online portfolio, for any reason whatsoever
  3. We also advise that – unless absolutely necessary – you never give username and password to any person to transact on your account on your behalf



    1. Please do not give any company or person your membership number or personal information
    2. Change your password regularly, we advise at least every 6 months
    3. Best password practice is to make your password at least 8 characters long and include multiple special characters, like a number, symbol, or uppercase letter



  1. Only rent out bookings through an accredited rental company. Individuals and unscrupulous rental companies bring fraudulent activity to your account, as well as empty promises with regards to earning potential
  2. When making use of a rental company/person, please feel free to ask us first, as to whether we recommend them, to avoid any unscrupulous activity on your account
  3. When dealing with any resale agency, please also make sure you make use of a reputable and accredited (VOASA accredited) agency to avoid fraudulent activity, as well as false promises. Please feel free to contact us to verify any company/person before agreeing to use them
  4. Be cautious on social media platforms. Unscrupulous people are trying to lure people to their platforms to book accommodation that may be falsely advertised, or promoted in a misleading manner; or offer them so-called deals that make false promises

Please stay vigilant out there! If you are in any doubt as to a company or individual’s credentials, please make sure you do your homework on them and please make contact with us to confirm or verify their credentials through the Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa (VOASA), which is the official, independent industry body.

Warm regards

The MDC Team