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My MDC Notes

As a MDC member you have purchased a specified amount of Club Notes to use towards MDC holiday bookings.

Your Club Notes are your passport to unforgettable holiday memories and should not be wasted.


When are Club Notes released for the next year’s use?

For members making use of a debit order instruction, Club Notes are released in January each year, as soon as at least 25% of the management fee has been paid or 3 (three) successful payments have been made. Cash payers need to pay the full amount by 31 December of the preceding year and their Club Notes will then be released in January.



When does your yearly allocation of Club Notes expire?

A MDC member can accumulate Club Notes for a period of 3 years.

A member may accumulate Club Notes so as to carry such Club Notes forward for use during the following year, provided that Club Notes may not be accumulated for a period in excess of three (3) years. The first year’s Notes have to be utilised before the end of the third year.

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is provided on the assumption that the member is not in default of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.


What happens if you still have unused Club Notes and are unable to use them before they expire?

You may use your Club Notes to deposit (“space bank”) a week to 7Across in exchange for a credit on their system, which can be used at a later stage. This enables you to utilise that credit at an available Resort of your own choice through 7Across. Your ‘space banked’ week credit with 7Across is valid for up-to three years. Please contact the member service department for assistance.

Alternatively, you may use your Club Notes to make a reservation with MDC, then once your reservation has been confirmed, you can rent out the confirmed week via GoMelo. You can register for free at Once you are registered you can deposit the week into the rental pool. The rental amount (less 20% management fee) will be payable to you once the deposited week has been booked.


Or why not use your Notes to book a holiday to use as a gift for a family member or friend? Contact our Call Centre to issue a guest certificate.