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A few must-haves for your next self-catering holiday!

MDC Self-Catering Travel Tips

Master the art of self-catering travel, by taking these key items along

    • Corkscrew bottle opener for opening cans and bottles.


    • An extra sheet – what a handy helper! Works great for creating shade in the car, as a picnic blanket or as a table cloth.


    • Cooler bag. Go out, explore, and stay refreshed and cool.


    • Reusable cloth shopping bag. Keep your car tidy during the road trip, use as a laundry bag, or use it to neatly package leftover fridge items before popping them into your cooler bag and heading home.


    • If you’re planning an evening game drive, a flashlight is a must!


    • Matches or lighter. What is a holiday without some fire? Braai-fire that is!


    • Board games or playing cards. Don’t let the weather ruin your holiday buzz. Make the most of it by being prepared for some fun family competiveness.


    • Take your cereal along! Having a healthy snack at hand can only be a good thing and cereal doesn’t weigh much.


    • If you’re heading to Crystal Springs, Monateng, Sudwala Lodge or Ngwenya Lodge, arrive in style instead. Pre-book your holiday essentials 72 hours prior to arriving by dialing 012 492 1230 or pop us a mail at


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