Through DAE's Global Exchange System, timeshare and club members are maximizing the value of their vacation ownership. With highly-personalized exchange services, exclusive travel discounts and real rewards, DAE Members are benefiting from doing what they love, traveling. The exceptional set of membership benefits offered by DAE makes it easy for MDC members to get the most from their holiday ownership.

DAE Member benefits:

  • Free membership
  • No Fees payable until your exchange is confirmed
  • Low exchange fees
  • No Guest Certificate fees*
  • Cancellation Protection available on all exchange confirmations
  • DAE Credits valid for 3 years
  • Full online booking facility
  • Worldwide holiday availability
  • On-hold option
  • Buy bonus weeks at reduced prices made available only to DAE members

DAE's cutting-edge, extremely easy-to-use website facilitates a better understanding of the rules and regulations involved in the exchange process – eliminating any stress for timeshare owners.

For more information on DAE South Africa please contact:
012 996 5155

*Standard Terms & Conditions apply

MDC GoMelo really is "the easy way to get away". It offers breakaways to South Africa's favourite destinations – at affordable prices. allows free registration and membership, browsing and booking online, 24/7. Timeshare owners are also able to rent their accommodation out for a monetary return (less a small percentage of commission).

To explore your rental options please visit