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Get Outta Here!

With the sly surge of COVID-19 making its way into South Africa, we have been forced to adopt a way of life that some might equate to that of a hermit. This, coupled with drastic lockdown regulations, has threatened the festive, playful heartbeat, which makes South Africa and her people so unique. With life slowly entering a state of comfortable normalcy, we, as South Africans have a responsibility to ignite the joyful flame which we all find solace in and bring back that proudly South African pulse.


We’ve been knocking on the door of lockdown level 3 for some time now and it’s finally been opened for us. As the glimmer of freedom looms, now is the ideal time to plan ahead for the future and take advantage of the chance we’ve been given to create new memories with the people who matter most. Having been forced to stay away from friends and family for months on end, there’s a new desire for familial bonding.

This situation has caused a great deal of uncertainty and worry, and worse! In addition to the tragic loss of lives, many South Africans have lost their livelihoods. At the least, most of us have had to adjust our budgets, make cut-backs and forego any ‘unnecessary’ luxuries as we strive to put a little away into that rainy day fund. This tightening of belts has been vital for surviving this global pandemic and it could be said that this newfound sense of appreciation and value is a step in the right direction for us all.

While times are tough, there is an important light at the end of the tunnel that we need to be aware of. The opportunity to travel and explore will open up again and when that happens, you don’t want to be left behind – at home for another prolonged weekend, telly on and an empty pizza box on the kitchen counter.

Pay it forward, share the love and cement your next holiday with your loved-ones. Scientific studies have shown a significant increase in the secretion of endorphins, when individuals begin planning for future travels and holidays. Think about the thrill of packing the car the night before, preparing the ‘padkos’ and creating your favourite road trip playlist. When you finally arrive at your Resort destination and open the car doors to the sounds of children playing and the smell of ‘braai’ smoke wafting up into the South African skies.  After all you’ve been through, the isolation and the uncertainty, you deserve to see these special holiday days again soon.



As South Africa begins to move forward and recover its fun-loving nature; its people are emerging with a new-found sense of awareness and priorities: like just how precious life is, just how precious the privilege of being able to walk around freely and feel the sun on our faces is, and just how precious bonds of family and friendship are and how we should give time and attention – our very best selves – to our families. Now is the time to prioritise quality time spent and memories made with the people that matter most.  A tough, yet valuable lesson we can all take from these past months is that, tomorrow is not promised, today is what matters. So make every moment count and ensure you and yours are set to enjoy the freedom that is going to come a-knocking very soon.