Member Feedback

A du Plessis - Janury
Megan & Monica was extremely helpful!
C Fourie - July
Ek wil graag vir Charlize komplimenteer met uitstekende diens. Sy was nou 2 keer behulpsaam met telefoniese navrae en besprekings en het uit haar pad gegaan om my te help. Haar vriendelikheid, behulpsaamheid en die moeite wat sy doen om 'n klient te help, is prysenswaardig.

A Kruger - May
I am from Namibia, and ALWAYS received excellent customer service from your office especially Rebecca. Thank you.

CR Stone - November
Very quick and efficient. Well done

HME Enslin - November
Thank u for beeing so patient with a pensioner. Keep up with the good work.

FH Wolfaart - October
I received quick and effective response regarding my query.

Ms Hofmeyr - August
Mathew was very helpful and friendly and found me accommodation without any hesitation

Jacobs - January
Your help was very much appreciated! I do hope you get a massive bonus! It's wonderful working with a person who goes a million miles for a client. This does not go unnoticed. Thank you Kim for your time and effort. This means so much to us. Really it does!

Allee - March
I would like to place on record and extend a hearty congratulation and thank you to Matthew, for the service as a call center consultant. Matthew, when dealing with clients you are truly exemplary. on numerous occasions Matthew will go, beyond the call of duty in assisting, me and my family with all our bookings. Matthew has INFORMATIVE KNOWLEDGE, on all timeshare and booking matters, Matthew is patient, understanding, dedicated, and the manner that he interact with clients and customers with such professionalism during the entire process, is fantastic. Personally I will recommend Matthew , who is Efficient, Friendly, Caring, and analytically inclined, to be a team leader.

Mapela - March I just felt the need to write this and commend the wonderful service received from one of your client specialists Dineo Pilusa. I am one to believe that as much as we customers can be difficult, it is only proper and just that we also give credit and appreciations when a good service has been rendered.In my reservations despair, Dineo calmed me down and made sure that I receive the best service there is to give, and for that, I would like to say more Kudos to her; She has been an angel that I really needed. May you continue to serve your customers with the smile that you afforded me all the way, thank you so very much.
IM Bredenkamp - April
Baie dankie vir die goeie diens wat u gelewer het.

Johan van Rensburg - April
"aie dankie vir jou vinnige terugvoer. Ek gee jou 10 uit 10."

Jill Krog - April
Thank you, Natasha, for your speedy reply! It is wonderful to see such good service during this time! Keep up the good work!

Izak - April
"I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the service given by you and Rudi.What a pleasure to deal with well-trained and efficient people."

HEYMANS - January

MULLER - January

LOOTS- January


MASOTE - January

HAYES - October

MULLER - September

VAN ZYL- August

Helped us a lot and efficient at the job. Helped us use our points as well. Very passionate and helpful. Helped us find the right resorts and gave good advice. Lynda went the extra mile for us and showed us various options.

V.D. Lith
Very helpful and positive. Went the extra mile to help with trade Uni-point.

Thank you very much for all your hard work. Please let your superiors know of the excellent service I got from you.

Friendly, helpful and efficient. Went an extra mile.

Excellent all round

That's what service is all about thank you for going above and beyond.
Le Roux
Thanks for excelent service!!!

Thank you for your excellent service.

Thank you for your extra mile.

Du Preez
Baie dankie vir jou hulp en baie goeie diens.

Thank you Janke – for your assistance. Your service was excellent.

De Jager
Thank you so very much for the correspondence. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professional, dedicated and friendly help that you have rendered us. If I should give you marks, it would have been 20/10! So much appreciate all of you!
As usual I appreciate the excellent response I receive from MDC.

Almal was besonder behulpsaam en vriendelik om my besprekings te finaliseer…puik diens, baie dankie!

I appreciate your excellent service.

Van Staden
Thank you for the excellent service you provided. Cannot be better!

Thank you so much for your great assistance.

De Jager
Die diens gelewer deur die vakansieklub is 100%. Ek is werklik 100% tevrede met die diens.

Thank you very much for your great assistance. I will always use you for my bookings.

Van Der Merwe
Baie dankie vir julle flink optrede.

Van Rooyen
Thank you so very much for the update - Your mail clears up everything and I thank you for that.

Very happy with the service.

Thanks a mill - much appreciated. Thanks for your speedy response/services.

Thanks once again for the speedy response. From 1-10, I will definitely give 10 for the excellent service received this morning.

V Rooyen
100% soos altyd.

I like to take this opportunity express my appreciation for the excellent customer service which i had received from you in my last visit to you offices. I hope that this kind of service will be permanently be present in you as well as your offices, also like to thank for responding to my email cause as a client I really appreciate an excellent customer service.


V Niekerk
Beste diens en vriendelikheid dankie.

Black & Smidt
Thank you very much for your prompt response. As always I have received excellent service from you and your collegues.

Thank you for your quick response. Great service as always.

And thank you for the service rendered. Much appreciated.
Mikes - December 2015
Thank you, Ilze. I appreciate your response. Your service delivery is excellent!

Jordaan - December 2015
Baie dankie vir jou vriendelike en professionele diens!

van Jaarsveld - December 2015
Baie vriendelik en hulpvaardig.

Phillips - November 2015
Thank-you to your team for an amazing response. Your service is excellent and extremely professional. I wish our industry had the ability to give the service that you as a team give.

Mfopa - November 2015
I would like to take this moment to compliment you on a job well done and hope that your manager will receive this comment. Keep up the good work you are doing.

Zwarts - October 2015
I appreciate the good help you supplied me with and the time you took very good.

Van Rensburg - October 2015
Baie dankie vir die verandering van woonstel bespreking. Ek waardeer dit baie. Jy lewer n baie goeie diens en vinnig ook.

Hofmeyer - October 2015
U diens was baie vriendelik en ek is tevrede met die resultaat. Baie dankie.

Raffie - October 2015
Thank you for the quick response, excellent service.

Saeba - September 2015
I am happy for your assistance and advice.

Paul - August 2015
Great service. Although it was busy, service was fast, accurate and effective. Thank you for good service.

Van Rooyen - August 2015
Uitstekende diens. Walk-In Department, Guest Book.

Codd - August 2015
Great service thanks Mike! Walk-In Department, Guest Book.

Hall - August 2015
Great service. Walk-In Department, Guest Book.

Ruyssenaers - August
Thank you very much for your prompt response now at least I do understand.

Jordaan - July 2015
Special word of appreciation for the prompt service.

Reiff - July 2015
Having made a reservation today, with Chantθ, would like to say was very satisfied with her professional handling of my request.

Hayes - June 2015
Baie dankie vir die vriendelikheid en behuplsaamheid. Dit word waardeer.

Mbogoma - June 2015
Great service indeed.

Lith - June 2015
Puik diens baie dankie.

Jordaan - June 2015
Dankie vir uitstaande diens! Baie dankie vir jou geduld en vriendelikheid.

Moller - June 2015
Baie dankie vir uiters profesionele diens en baie moeite gedoen.

Turnball - June 2015
Thank you so much, Karen, for the efficient way in which you dealt with my query and for replying within 24 hours. It is greatly appreciated.

Waterson - June 2015
Your response has been excellent Karen thank you.

Swart - June 2015
Baie dankie vir u spoedige en uitstekende terugvoering wat ek terug ontvang het.

Du Toit - June 2015
Dit was net n plesier vir my om gister met iemand te praat wat weet wat aangaan, en so hulpvaardig is.Baie dankie vir jou hulp en raad en voorstelle en alles.

Van Rensburg - June 2015
Dagse Andries, Ek wil net bevestig dat jou diens uitstekend is, jy het my vinnig gehelp en ook ingelig wat ek moet weet.

Swart - June 2015
Hou aan met jou uitstekende en vriendelike dienslewering! Jy is 'n aanwins vir MDC en sal nog hoer hoogtes bereik.

Van der Linde - June 2015
Baie dankie vir jou goeie diens, Joane.

Dubery - June 2015
Thank you very much for your Excellent Services and Speedy response.Every time I contact you , I get only the best service and I can only say - Thank you very very much.

Badenhorst - May 2015
Vreeslik dankie vir die baie goieie diens en hulpvaardigheid!! Dis lekker om met mense te werk wat bereid is om daardie ekstra myl te loop.

Botha - May 2015
Baie dankie vir die goeie diens dit word opreg waardeer.

Milton - May 2015
Excellent Service!

Van Niekerk - May 2015
Dankie vir die vriendelike en goeie diens.

Thlapane - May 2015
I really appriciate the manner in which your office responds to my requests. It has made my job very easy and without hassles. It has been the quickest response to my requests.

Wessels / Van Zyl - May 2015
Thanks so much, excellent service.

Black & Smidt - April 2015
Thank you kindly for info. Service rating excellent.

Murray - April 2015
Vriendelike, goeie diens.

De Bod - April 2015
Excellent Service.

Verwey - April 2015

Prozesky - April 2015
Thanks for your excellent service.

Verwey - April 2015
Goeie diens, dankie!

Adamo - March 2015
Many thanks for the very good service I received from you today.

Nigrini - March 2015
I would like to say thanks for outstanding service.

Jordaan - March 2015
Special word of appreciation for the prompt service.

Bester - March 2015
Baie dankie - ek waardeer die goeie diens.

Grundling – February 2015
Thank you very much for the information. I am rating your service as very excellent.

Wessels/Van Zyl – February 2015
Thanks so much for your excellent services rendered, this is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Reynhardt – February 2015
Thank you Andries for your professional and friendly help I really appreciate it.

Reynhardt – February 2015
Morning, I called yesterday, and got a very friendly and excellent agent, Dane Williams.

Reynhardt – February 2015
I really appreciate the extra mile you took to get this place.

Venter – February 2015
Thank you very much for good service.

Marman – January 2015
Excellent service. Keep up the good work.

Vermaak – January 2015
Lerile Baie dankie vir jou vinnige terugvoer. Dit is lekker om sulke diens te ontvang.

Morobane – January 2015
Appreciated, thanks for the response and I am happy it. Keep it up. You guys your email response is wow!

Klassen – January 2015
Thank you for the excellent service. On a scale between 1-10, I would give it 8.

Neveling – January 2015
Beskou die diens wat gelewer is as baie goed.

Rai – January 2015
Thank you for your politeness, efficiency and professionalism. Good to have someone like you assist me. You sure are an asset in the VRS/MDC team. With your attitude you only speak of success.

Smit – January 2015
Thank you for your friendly service. I appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work.

Bezuidenhout – January 2015
Baie dankie dat jy so behulpsaam was vandag en jou diens was uitstekend.

Van Niekerk – January 2015
Your service is outstanding.

Denton – January 2015
Thank you so much for the sending this confirmation, your service was outstanding!! Thank you so much for understanding.

Neveling – January 2015
Thanks to Michelle, for the service she rendered, was very quick, thanks so much.

Gellespie – January 2015
Cecilia van der Watt assisted me with my bookings and I am pleased to inform you that I received excellent and very friendly service. She expedited the booking within minutes. EXCELLENT SERVICE - WELL DONE CECILIA

Painter – January 2015
I'll give you a 10/10 for your service.

Jordaan – January 2015
Special word of appreciation for MJ Gouws for the prompt service.
Vermeulen – December 2014
Thank you so much for the awesome service.

Lemmer – November 2014
Thank you for exelent service. Couldn't be better.

First Echo Trust – November 2014
Thank you, for the quick response much appreciated.

Van Niekerk – November 2014
Hiermee wil ek jou bedank vir jou flinke diens en reaksie op my e-pos. Dit word hoog op prys gestel en baie waardeer aangesien die tyd min is om papierwerk te verander en by betrokke persone uit te kry. Dit was presies 2 ure en ek het alles wat ek nodig het en reg om af te lewer.

Vermaak – November 2014
Ilze Baie dankie vir jou vinnige terugvoer. Dit is puik diens.

Esterhuizen – November 2014
Baie dankie vir jou hulp en vriendelike diens.

Ryan – November 2014
Thank you for your prompt response, very much appreciated. Enquiry was dealt with quick.

Nielsen – November 2014
Thanks so much for your speedy reply!

ROUX – October 2014
Rate Andries 100%.Thank you for excelent service Andries.

Nielsen – October 2014
Thank you Pearl - you were friendly and reliable in your dealings with me!

Farmer – October 2014
Baie dankie vir u uitstekende diens.

DUBERY – October 2014
Morning Nomvula, Thank you very very much. This was EXCELLENT SERVICE.

JORDAAN – October 2014
You deserve an excellent award for the service you rendered. I am sure that you are a wonderful person and your company benefits from your attitude.

KRUGER – October 2014
Baie dankie vir die goeie diens wat julle lewer en die bespreking wat jy vir ons so fantasties by Ngwenya Lodge gedoen het.

Steyn – September 2014
Service excellent.

Van Rensburg – September 2014
Baie dankie Andre vir vinnige afhandeling van bespreking. Dit was aangenaam om deur jou gehelp te word.

Bornman – September 2014
Dankie vir jou uitstekende diens. Jy is die beste konsultant waarmee ek nog te doen gekry het.

Rademeyer – September 2014
Just want to thank you for the prompt service I received. Your willingness and friendliness helped a lot as this is my first time I made use of my holiday package since I bought it two years ago.

COMALIE – August 2014
Your service has been excellent. Prompt and efficient.

VICTOR – August 2014
Hereby I would like to congratulate MJ on the tremendous service rendered with MDC VICTOR today. He truly contributed with a magnificent support service to Walk-Ins.

WESSELS/VAN ZYL – August 2014
Only a pleasure. I would like to commend Joanne Geldenhuys on excellent services rendered as well. She assisted me yesterday with a query, was very professional and went out of her way to make sure I am a happy customer.

VILJOEN – August 2014
Thanks for your speedy and detailed response. You have ticked all the boxes.

BOTHA – August 2014
Weereens komplimente vir die vinnige manier waarop u op korrespondensie reageer. Dankie vir u simpatie met my man se afsterwe ons was 58 jr getroud so hierdie is vir my 'n moelike tyd!

LABUSCHAGNE – August 2014
Thanks for excellent service 4/5

BOTHA – August 2014
Baie dankie vir e-pos ontvang. Julle diens en optrede teenoor my is uitstekend!

LOMBARD – August 2014
Baie dankie vir die uitstekende diens gelewer. Ek waardeer wat jy vir my gedoen het. 'n Baie mooi dag vir jou.

WESSELS/VAN ZYL – August 2014
First of all thanks so much for the excellent services you are rendering.

LESHOTA – August 2014
Thank you for all your help about my reservations. If I had to rate your work I would put 10 out of 10 for helpfulness and speedy response from start to finish.

Nel – July 2014
Wonderlike, vriendelike diens! Dankie.

VAN ROOYEN – July 2014
Goeiedag sommer aan die hele span by VRS. Julle is die beste! Dankie vir uiters goeie diens.

PIENAAR – July 2014
Thank you so much for your prompt assistance with my problem. Your attention was very professional.

CARROLL – July 2014
Prompt and courteous.

HANSEN – July 2014
Thank you, Ilse for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

GROBLER – July 2014
Jy is regtig baie behulpsaam en geduldig.

GATES – June 2014
Ek wil graag baie baie dankie se vir die diens wat julle lewer. Jy en Kia is sterre in my oλ, weereens baie dankie.

PRICE – May 2014
To rate the service which you provided, we have the following comments: Attentive, polite, understanding of the request and friendly recommendations of options available, all without much delay! Thank you Refilwe for super friendly & helpful service.

BRITZ – May 2014
Your great service really means a lot to this department! Keep up the wonderful work!

DU PREEZ – May 2014
I once again had very good reaction time and service from her

Coertze – May 2014
I rate your service 9/10. Thanks for your speedy help.

Tilhapane – May 2014
Thank you very much for your prompt response. keep up the good work.

Kriel – May 2014
Baie dankie vir die goeie diens. Van my kant af: 10 uit 10!!

Price – MAy 2014
Your kind helpfulness is greatly appreciated,& we say thank you for the prompt response.

Van Heerden – May 2014
Goeie dag, Baie dankie vir die flinke diens ontvang op my navraag oor 'n "guest certificate" Baie dankie vriendelike groete.

van Rensburg – May 2014
Dankie,jy het n baie goeie diens gelewer.

HELBERG – March 2014
Excellent service.

VOGES – March 2014
Thanks for the quick response,your service is great.

LOTTI – March 2014
The response was indeed swift. Thx for service.

SNYMAN – March 2014
Dear Nico, Many thanks for my Booking Confirmation. Many thanks also for your prompt and excellent service. It is much appreciated.

MING – March 2014
Once again I must thank you for your great help. You have followed up each step of my transactions and kept in touch with me since I first spoke to you – you have been an absolute star!!

LE ROUX – March 2014
Thank you very much for your prompt service delivered. You receive a 10 out of 10 rate for the service delivered. Thanks again.

DE ROUBAIX – March 2014
Thank you for booking our holiday. Your service was hassle free and quick.

GILDENHUYS – March 2014
Baie dankie vir die bevestiging wat jy aan my gestuur het! Baie dankie vir jou uitstekende diens! Ek kan regtig nie kla oor enige iets nie!

DEGENHART – February 2014
Chanel Spies gave us excellent service, well done!

GILLESPIE – February 2014
Chanel Spies gave us excellent service, well done!

Smit – January 2014
I just like to thank Lynda for calling back and for being friendly and quite knowledgeable regarding other resorts.

MR/S J.J BORNMAN – January 2014
Thank you very much for the confirmation letter of our booking and for your excellent customer service, it is very rare and much appreciated.
MR/S MC/NP MCHUNU – November 2013
I do not know what to say the way you have helped my family, I do not know what I was going to do because we really need this break. The way you helped me you went out of your way to reserve this place for me and trusted me when I said I will come back to you, you would have given it to someone else. Thank you very much, May God Bless You

MR/S F/CS LANDSBERG – November 2013
I would like to commend you on one of your agents: Chanel Spies. I dealt with her today and she provided an excellent service, she is definitely an assist to your organization. On a scale from 1 – 10 I'll rate her service as 9.5.

Pieters – November 2013
Thank you for your prompt reply. Your response time is excellent.

Wessels – November 2013
I would like to commend the service I have received from your offices. I am always assisted in a friendly matter and always can count on frequent feedbacks. Keep up the good work!!

Campher – October 2013
Good morning, rating your service, Excellent.

Nel – October 2013
Baie dankie vir jou vriendelike en spoedige hulp met ons bespreking.

MR/S HM/N ALLEE – October 2013
Thank you once again in the expeditious manner your resolve queries. You are truly an Asset to your company. I admire your perseverance, and dedication.

Pingo – September 2013
Julle diens is baie goed dankie.

Richard Flame - October
We met with Ms Natasha Pitt. We were immediately put at ease by her comfortable manner and professional approach. There was no doubt that she a subject matter expert and went on to explain REALLY what our investment meant. She also explained the link with DEALIVE and TradeUniPoint.

She continues to assist Vanessa and I with our holiday booking as well as booking for our mid-year 2014 break. It has been a real pleasure dealing with her. In fact, due to her explanation about what our investment meant, we decided to acquire more MDC points. We are currently finalising the process to ACQUIRE 20 ADDITIONAL MDC POINTS.

Vanessa and I are very pleased with Natasha and we are very comfortable to recommend (and support) her for any future rewards/recognition that MDC may want to award her.