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What have your favourite MDC resorts been getting up to lately?

The second half of 2017 was jam-packed with exciting happenings at YOUR AWESOME RESORTS!

We are both very proud, and very excited to share the latest happenings with you.

Kridzil 1 -MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

First off, we are excited to announce that Kridzil now has its own Kiosk at the pool area, stocked with day-to-day holiday necessities and extra novelty items. All unit walls are sporting a fresh coat of paint, units have been stocked with coffee, tea, sugar and creamer, and all beds and headboards in the A-block have been replaced…

Kridzil 2: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

To sum it up, Kridzil has been very busy (and we really mean VERY BUSY) improving the resort. So much so, that we highly recommend a visit to enjoy the new improvements and the beautiful Margate surroundings that keep guests coming back year after year!

Little Eden 1: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

At Little Eden, home-made vetkoek and mince, and freshly baked bread each morning are the latest on-site attractions. In addition, the bathrooms at the pool area have been refurbished and Little Eden is in the process of making the facility more accessible for wheelchairs.  For the youngsters, a Monkey Chum arcade game and Xbox has been well received.

Little Eden 2: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

If you’re heading to the waterfall, stop for a rest or sit back and admire the views on one of the new benches along the hiking trail.  After much perseverance, two new internet towers were built and installed to improve reception at the Resort. And that’s not all… There are a few other pleasant surprises, come see for yourself!

What has “The Diamond of the Kruger” been up to, you might ask? Check out Ngwenya Lodge’s latest and greatest happenings below.

Ngwenya Lodge: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

Mabalingwe 1: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

While you were soaking up the view at Little Eden, Mabalingwe’s Game Rangers completed a venomous snake handling course and a first-aid programme on snake bites, as they plan to implement a reptile presentation in the Eco-Centre for guests to enjoy. Ecotainment is very close to Mabalingwe’s hearts, but so is recycling! A dedicated three-bin system has been implemented to protect the environment that we all love so dearly.

Mabalingwe 2: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

A few other highlights include new linen, orange throws and towels in the units. The Six- Sleepers have all now had their couches replaced and all units received new coffee plungers, cutlery trays and drying racks. The Le Fera Farm Shop/Plaaswinkel has expanded. And more!

Manzi Monate 1: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

Hold tight to your seat, because the new additions and resort upgrades at Manzi Monaté are plenty AND plenty awesome! At the beginning of 2017, Manzi started serving delicious breakfasts and rolls at the kiosk. This grew so popular, so quickly, that they quickly put plans in place to expand and made it happen. They moved the Games Room to the Lapa at the back of the swimming pool to make space to expand the kiosk into a full walk-in kiosk, and both areas are now looking great!

Manzi Monate 2: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

A few other exciting happenings include “free-standing” swings under the shaded trees, a solar panel pool heater which operates only during the day, and re-established veggie gardens. We hope Manzi Monaté is on your bucket list for 2018!

Monateng Safari Lodge 1: MDC Buzz - Resort Upgrades and Refurbishments

At Monateng Safari Lodge, it’s all about having fun. The Micasa playhouse has moved into the Games Room, where a new soft drinks machine has been added. Outdoors, you’ll spot a few new giant games. Guests can now enjoy Connect 4, Plinko, Kerplunk, Jenga, Dominoes, Pick up Sticks and the list goes on.

Here’s a few fun facts about the work Monateng Safari Lodge puts into creating exceptional guest experiences…


If we didn’t mention YOUR favourite resort, let us know and we’ll be sure to let you in on the latest happenings at your favourite home-away-from-home.

That’s it from us, happy holidaying! PS – if you enjoyed this article, you might also enjoy reading about our Self-Catering Travel Tips.