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Get Outta Here!

Family Memories

With the sly surge of COVID-19 making its way into South Africa, we have been forced to adopt a way of life that some might equate to that of a hermit. This, coupled with drastic lockdown regulations, has threatened the festive, playful heartbeat, which makes South Africa and her people so unique. With life slowly

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5 Must Do Experiences in Mpumalanga

Experiences in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga, “the place where the sun rises”, also formally known as the Eastern Transvaal is situated along the borders of Swaziland and Mozambique. This South African Province is considered to be one of the most geographically diverse and remarkably stunning locations. If you are looking for a reason why Mpumalanga should be your next vacation

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Six Ways to Be Entertained During a Road Trip

Family Road Trip

Embarking on a road trip is a favourite pastime for all of us. Not only does it mean spending quality time with family and friends, but it is also the best way to experience breath-taking scenery like picturesque coastlines, spectacular mountain views, iconic towns, and magnificent landscapes. But, when the conversation becomes monotonous and the

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A Delicious Braai Dish

Potato Bake

Spicy Chakalaka Potato Bake A South African braai wouldn’t be the same without the perfect side dish, right? Well, why not take your braai up a notch with this Spicy Chakalaka Potato Bake; a delicious spicy twist on the traditional potato bake. This dish is a super tasty accompaniment for any meaty meal as well

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Updates and Upgrades at Your Favourite MDC Resorts Continued…


You just can’t get enough of the latest updates and upgrades at your favourite Resorts, can you? We don’t blame you! The hard work and dedication that the Resort Management and Staff Teams put into making these Resorts a wonderful holiday destination for you and your family to enjoy is inspiring. First off, we would

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Updates and Upgrades at Your Favourite MDC Resorts


Allow us to once again expand on the latest Resort upgrades that our dedicated Resort Management and Resort Staff got up to in the second half of 2018, ensuring that your home-away-from-home is in tip-top shape to provide you and your family with a great holiday experience every single time. We hope you have had

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Why everyone SHOULD go on vacation

Family Holiday

Whenever we are considering doing something in our lives, changing jobs, taking up a certain hobby starting a diet, the first thing we tend to do is research why that particular aspiration is good for us – how it will benefit us or improve our lives. Well, if that’s what is needed to convince us

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Mpumalanga Bucket List

Mpumalanga - waterfall

Mpumalanga Bucket List Mpumalanga is a region known for its rich heritage, cascading waterfalls, abundant wildlife, lush forests, and adventure activities such as ziplining; making it a dream holiday come to life. With so much to see and do, where do you even begin? We’ve gone ahead and put together the ultimate Mpumalanga bucket list

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Favourite MDC Resorts Continued…


What have your favourite MDC resorts been getting up to lately? Continued… Thanks for joining us as we reflect on the moments which have already passed and all that we have achieved at your favourite MDC resorts in 2018. Kridzil First off, the unit interiors are looking stylish and oh-so-fresh as they are being systematically

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Favourite MDC Resorts


What have your favourite MDC resorts been getting up to lately? Each year, the VRS Resort Management Teams dutifully identifies and takes note of areas that need attention, or improvement, at the resorts; and then plans are implemented so that all our valued guests always have the best stay possible at their home-away-from-home. Without further

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