COVID-19 News and Updates

All Club Resorts will continue normal operations with strictly enforced protocols and procedures, as per amendments to the Regulations issued... Read More

Closure Notices

Please note that our offices will be closed on the following days:
- The Walk-ins Department and Call Centre Department will be closed from Wednesday, 22 December 2021 to Tuesday, 04 January 2022.
- Finally, please note that VRS Head Office will officially be closed from Thursday, 23 December 2021. We will return for business as usual on Wednesday, 05 January 2022.
- Please be advised that our in-person, Walk-In Service Centre has temporarily been closed from Friday, 4 June 2021, until further notice.
- VRS WORKING REMOTELY - Please be advised that the VRS teams will be working remotely from 19th July 2021 until further notice. We apologise should there be any delays in responses or any inconvenience caused.

Forfeiture Notice

Don't lose out on precious holiday memories! You might have unused Club Notes at the end of the year and we would hate to see you forfeit them. Not sure what to do with your unused or left over Club Notes at the end of the year and don't want to lose out? Call us now on 012 492 1230 to discuss your options.

Cancellation Fee

Please note that there is a nominal Cancellation Fee, which will be charged according to the Club Cancellation Policy. This is subject to change annually.

Member Verfication

Please note, for your protection, strict security protocols are followed when dealing with queries in regards to your portfolio.. For member verification purposes, please ensure you have your ID number, postal address, e-mail address and cell number on hand when calling in. Should you wish to provide access to your portfolio to a third party, or allow a third party to transact on your behalf, they will require a full Power of Attorney in order to do so.
Click here to download the Power of Attorney Appointment Letter.
For more information please contact the Call Centre.

Member Exchange Options

Would you love to explore a new destination? Go on a bigger or longer holiday? How about at an international destination? 7Across offers exchange options to suit your pocket, so that you can!

With 7Across you can deposit or "Space Bank" your Club Units in exchange for a credit of the same value. Your currency on 7Across will remain valid for 3 years, before you would need to exchange it - kind of like saving your holiday for a rainy day! Be sure to visit to find out more.

Guest Certificates

Please be advised that, should a Club Member wish to allow another person (non-member) to make use of a reservation on their club portfolio, they will be required to issue a Guest Certificate for their guest. They will require the guest's Id number, name and surname, cell phone number and email address. The guest will be required to show the Guest Certificate at the resort to obtain entrance.

Power of Attorney

Do you want to give your loved ones access to your portfolio? You can!
Please be advised that should a Club Member wish to allow another person (non-member) to make use of, make enquiries on, or make changes to their portfolio, a Power of Attorney form must be completed to authorise said third party to do so. The completed Power of Attorney must be completed and signed by the main member, and submitted together with a copy of the nominated person's ID document to the Member Services Department. Please Click here to download the Power of Attorney form and send your completed form along with the required documentation to


Vacation Hub International (VHI) (also known as Meridian Travel) and JJ's Traveling Points – Potential Resale Scam.

Please be cautious when considering resale agencies or entering into agreements with entities which are not registered with Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa (VOASA) or associated with the respective timeshare club.

We have been made aware that some entities such as Vacation Hub International (VHI) (also known as Meridian Travel) and JJ's Travelling Points are approaching members and offering several timeshare related services even though these entities are not registered with VOASA or associated with the respective timeshare clubs. Please click below for more information hereon.


We strongly recommend that members consult their timeshare club before concluding agreements with entities which are not a registered with VOASA and/or associated with their timeshare club. Members who would like to make use of the services of a reselling agency may approach the VOASA registered resale agency:

Uni-Vate Properties
+27 (0) 12 492 1238

Bank Details

Bank: FNB Centurion
Account Name: VRS (Multi Destination)
Account Type: Cheque
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62136628619
Reference Number: LMDC (Member Nr)