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Where to go, what to do?

With many countries slowly awaking from lockdown hibernation, tourists will be set on heading out to their favourite holiday destinations as the festive season fast approaches. Of course, there is still a sense of apprehension hanging over us all as we persevere in the efforts to keep ourselves and fellow South Africans safe, and for

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On The Road Again

Don’t stop believing: the journey has begun once again!   Wow, what a year it’s been! Nine months into 2020 and we’ve chartered some treacherous waters; taking on, not just the odd billow here and there but facing a full-on tsunami. However, we’re now seeing some respite after the initial storm and finally, a glimmer

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All you need to know about Leisure Travel

We have finally been given the green-light to open our Club Resorts to welcome inter-provincial travellers and we couldn’t be happier! Escape the hustle and bustle of busy city living and plan your next getaway to a Club Resort. What about booking a perfect coastal escape, or a fun-filled family vacation?! Why not experience that

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We’re Open for BUSINESS stays

Our Club Resorts teams are excited to welcome weary business travellers! We understand your need for rest and relaxation when travelling for business and look forward to your arrival, where you can expect the very best in customer service from our dedicated Club Resorts’ personnel. Enjoy the chirping of birds, a soothing warm beverages on a

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The changing face of air travel in COVID-19 times

“What changes will COVID-19 bring next?”, the words on everyone’s lips – as if it has become a guessing game to ‘what’ will be reset to a new normal. One amongst others, and unquestionably one of the industries that will have extensive transformations, is commercial aviation. This industry is already gearing up for complete remodelling

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Remember, Remember…Holiday Time Spent Together

Project yourself back to your first holiday memory – what do you see? Perhaps its begins like this: You’re about 6 years old and the sun has just begun to rise and break through the night sky, birds chirping as they swoop down to find their early-bird-worm-of-champions. You can barely contain your excitement, or remember

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Get Outta Here!

Family Memories

With the sly surge of COVID-19 making its way into South Africa, we have been forced to adopt a way of life that some might equate to that of a hermit. This, coupled with drastic lockdown regulations, has threatened the festive, playful heartbeat, which makes South Africa and her people so unique. With life slowly

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What have your favourite MDC resorts been getting up to lately?

MDC Club Buzz Featured Image

The second half of 2017 was jam-packed with exciting happenings at YOUR AWESOME RESORTS! We are both very proud, and very excited to share the latest happenings with you. First off, we are excited to announce that Kridzil now has its own Kiosk at the pool area, stocked with day-to-day holiday necessities and extra novelty items.

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The Ultimate Autumn Treat

Autumn Recipe Featured Destination

Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Chilli and Yoghurt Kick-start the autumn season with a combination of favourite South African winter and summer ingredients. This deliciously filling and mildly spicy salad is guaranteed to put your taste-buds into overdrive and appeal to all the senses. Serves: 4 persons Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes #TIPS

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