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The New Kid on the Block!

Beautiful Sunset From Le Fera Deck at Ngwenya Lodge

Le Fera restaurants, bars, pizzerias, shops and spas have been popping up at more and more MDC resorts over the past few years. The name ‘Le Fera’ is an Italian and Latin combination, meaning ‘the wild’. The name was chosen for its meaning, and is well-suited as you can only find these entities in the

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Get Into the Mountain Groove @ Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge

Crystal Springs Wildlife Grazing

The perfect destination for all types of travellers… If you’re looking for a variety of unique experiences, Crystal Springs is the place to be this holiday! Step off the beaten track and into a world of unmatched natural experiences. The mountainous countryside that Crystal Springs calls home, is a wonder-world like no other. A world

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Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

Pita Christmas Tree

How delicious you’re going to be! Having a slow braai means indulging in braai snacks for hours and hours, and having a blast socialising with loved ones. It not only brings everyone to the table, it keeps them there. Times are changing and Christmas lunches are leaning more and more towards ‘braai feasts’. Feast around

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Travelling for Tomorrow

Ngwenya Cite Baby Ducklings

According to an article published by BBC, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean, than fish! The time for change is now. The smallest effort can make the biggest difference to our beautiful environment, and the wondrous creatures that call it their home. Together, we’re travelling for tomorrow. Try some of these

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