Growing Shouth Africa
When you purchase a Bonus Break, we will donate R99 to African Blessings, our very own charity organization and a big part of our company vision. This R99 contribution will be making a change and improving the lives of children, animals and people in need at African Blessings and the surrounding Rustfontein communities.


How you may ask?

Well it’s simple…your contribution will be shared across the following focus areas at African Blessings:

The Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre children will benefit from your contribution, as the money raised will contribute toward their school fees, learning resources, food, excursions and even medical support. The 16 children who attend the school will thrive from the assistance as it contributes to the holistic education which they receive. With your support, our precious children will be able to reach their full potential.
The Food Gardens  
With the donations African Blessings will be able to purchase more vegetable seedlings, which in turn will allow us to make more food donations to those less fortunate and who depend on African Blessings for help. Our donations extend to EduCare centres, Safe houses and assisting the elderly. Our aim is to create sustainable food security and food gardens for the communities that we serve. The Foundations for Farming training will be responsible for making sure that this is achieved.
Community Critter Care

Community Critter Care outreach continuously assists animals who are in desperate need of food, medical assistance, dipping, de-worming and even sterilisation. This is a costly outreach and your contribution will ensure that many more animals, be it dogs, cats, donkeys or even bunnies are cared for and treated by our wonderful and passionate team. The difference that is made can be seen at each and every outreach and throughout the various communities that we work in.
Horses and Donkeys

The African Blessings Horses and Donkeys, all rescued from compromising situations require much love, attention and resources to ensure that they can be looked after in the best possible manner. Your contribution will ensure that our equine companion’s well-being is looked after each and every day for the rest of their lives.
  With your help and contribution, we are raising communities to excellence, and growing South Africa ONE community at a time!

We are so glad that you’re on this journey with us, positively impacting and changing lives of animals and individuals each and every day.

Until next time, |
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