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Riddle me this and riddle me that, we’ve got puzzles for you to solve and mind-puzzling maps. Let’s see what you’ve got and let’s see what you get. Only those who persist will end up with the best.

Without further ado, let’s kick-off the games:

Part 1:

Complete the crossword to know where to go...

Bonus breaks

1. Where is Kagga Kamma located in the Western Cape?
2. What Club Resort features the word "Village" in their name?
3. What feathery crowd-pleasers nest near Sandy Place, along the beaches and estuary?
4. Sudwala Lodge is renowned for two natural geographical features - the one is the Mankelekele Mountains, which is the other?
5. When visiting the ever-popular seaside town of Margate; name one Club Resort you can stay at?
6. In which province is Uvongo River Resort located?
7. What is the name of the flower featured on Uvongo River Resort's logo?
8. Monateng Safari Lodge is just 30-odd minutes drive from which major South African city?
9. What do the two curved green lines symbolise in Crystal Springs’ logo?
10. Which Club Resort is situated on the banks of the Crocodile River, and over looks the Southern boundary of the Kruger National Park?
11. What animal is featured on Mablingwe's Logo?

Figured the puzzle out? - Great; let’s go!
Your final answer must be submitted to myclub@multidestinationsclub.co.za

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